Electrical Engineer turned Data Scientist. Married to Awesome. Occasional drawer of Minions.

A collection of my projects for skill illustration:

Nodejs, ReactJS

  1. A blog app based on Nodejs, ExpressJS, and MongoDB (for backend), and React - Redux (for front-end). See it here!
  2. ReactJS - A clone of TGDD's shopping cart form with validation. See it here!
  3. ReactJS - A drawing app which makes spirograph. See it here!
  4. ReactJS - A gallery of Hanoi's old photos. See it here!

D3.js - Data Visualization projects

  1. Vietnam - Visualization of export and import data (2007 - 2016) [Project is on progress]
  2. Applying scroll technique for story telling: Karl Marx (1918 - 2018) [Project is on progress]
  3. Bar chart - Unemployment rate in regions of Vietnam
  4. Grouped bar-chart - Bar chart - Unemployment rate in regions of Vietnam
  5. Visualization of Vietnam's regional population (data 2015). Larger font size means bigger population.

JavaScript assignements

  1. Memory Card Game
  2. Simple Scientific Calculator