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Rudnitsky says there's no secret shortcut to selling more. You simply have to be hungry and relentless, and ready to out hustle your competitors. On top of that, you have to be competitive, with that sense of hating to lose.

"The best salespeople I know, they’re more motivated by losing than they are by winning. You have to have this idea that you almost fear failure more than you enjoy success," he says.

And as you start to gain more experience and go through more sales cycles, Rudnitsky says the "ball starts to look a lot bigger," making it easy to hit it out of the park.

"It's about repetition. You either sink or swim, right? And I’m swimming," he says.

But even with all the right qualities, Rudnitsky points out, you could fail if you ignore the most basic part about sales: having a plan.

It's why he came up with "The Rudnitsky Sales Playbook," which Benioff featured in his book. As Benioff put it, Rudnitsky's sales playbook was initially designed for his own team, but was later shared companywide as it had some of the most important lessons any salesperson could learn.

Here are the 11 rules from "The Rudnitsky Sales Playbook":

  1. "Nghĩ LỚN, hãy có thái độ như vậy": Think big (dollars and scope), not just the immediate opportunity in front of you.

  2. "Hợp đồng là nỗ lực của tất cả mọi người": Work with the entire team to close deals.

  3. "Kết nối các điểm": Không bao giờ thực hiện một cuộc gọi mà không chuẩn bị trước kế hoạch.

  4. "Tập trung vào "Tại sao KHÔNG"": Instead of thinking about why a deal will close, focus on why it might not.

  5. "Luôn kết thúc đàm phán và ký hợp đồng": Make sure every deal is closed if it's ready to close.

  6. "Tăng sự hiện diện với khách hàng": Meet your customers in person.

  7. "Những sự thật thú vị giúp ghi điểm ngay lập tức": Try to learn everything about your customer.

  8. "Chuẩn bị trước các giấy tờ": Make sure all paperwork is in place.

  9. "Đàm phán công bằng": Don't be afraid to ask for more and say no when needed.

  10. "Chia sẻ những trải nghiệm bán hàng tốt nhất": Share them with the team and try to learn from them.

  11. "Chạy theo những cú hích lớn": Look for deals that can take the company to the next level.

"The greatest players think 3-4 steps ahead. You have to have a plan. That to me is a sign that somebody’s going to be successful," Rudnitsky says.

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